Ugh, a Posting on Raid Policy


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So, I felt the need to post this despite the desire not to do so. :(

I wanted to just post some bullets about my raids as it pertains to sign-ups, loot, start times, etc. These aren't major issues, but items that can distract from the fun, success, and efficiency of a raid.
  • PLEASE sign up on GC, shoot me a note, etc. I really need your help here to plan on who is coming and bringing what class of toon. This helps me to judge when/if I need to open it up to the SGA to fill up the raid.
  • As I (and others) have mentioned before, sign-up is not guarantee of a spot. Spots will go to "regulars" first (those who have consistently run with Team Omega). Your toons gear and player experience are also raid consideration factors. That being said, I am not looking to exclude anyone and when Mike and I co-lead Heroic Naxx our first priority is filling from the Guild.
    (Hint - sign up for May 18th H Naxx now...).
  • If I have less than half the raid group filled less than 24 hours prior, I "reserve" the right to cancel the raid. It's not fun for anyone when a raid is supposed to start at 6:30 server and we are still trying to fill over half of it. No one likes to sit around waiting and starting late (or really late) means we all see much less of the instance that night. And to be selfish, I still want to run a raid that eveing so I may cancel a run if I see 3 spots signed up (out of ten) the morning of the raid.
  • Please have food, flasks, and be repaired. I will "try" to have Fish Feasts, but I am not lvl'd in fishing. I have openly admitted my lack of patience for e-fishing on WoW - just can't do it. :eek: In my opinion, each toon is responsible for his/her own food anyway. I would be most happy to cook any tasteful Northrend dish for you (with your mats) and have plenty of Northern Spices too. I would also accept a volunteer from Team Omega to provide Fish or Fish Feasts for the Raid.
  • Loot will be rolled on by class "fabric" wearing spec. Leather rolls for leather, cloth for cloth, etc. IF an item drops and the appropriate class has no use for it, then others will be allowed to roll. Yes, it doesn't always seem "fair," but that is RNG and WoW.
  • The above is a piece of our Friendly Loot Policy. One Epic/Item per run unless other items drop that no one else wants for main spec - then open rolls will be allowed.
  • Also to clarify, if you win your first item of the night on an off-spec roll you are not excluded from rolling for something that drops later you want for main spec.
  • Raid Start Time - is always up on GC. I usually log in 15mins prior to the start time and would like to be killing bad things no later than 30 mins after the posted start time. The closer we begin to the posted start time, the more content we can see that night.
I am blessed to be a part of a phenominal guild. I truly look forward to Monday and Friday nights (my raiding nights upon discussion with my better half). I enjoy running with guildies whether it's breaching new content (Emalon is down and looking forward to Ulduar) or having fellow guildies brings alts to get geared up in regular OS (Triskal was healing.. :eek: ).

I don't want raiding to get in the way of our fellowship. However, many of us enjoy raiding (especially raiding together). By keeping the above bullet items in mind, we can enjoy the most of our limited raiding time together. :)
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