Trying out War


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Hey guys

I am from Redeemed in World of Warcraft and am a little bored with it right now. I run an Apple iMac and since WAR just came out for apple I want to give it a try. I would love to come and join you guys and would take any advice you have on the game and how to get the most out of it. Let me know what server you are on and I will join there.

Welcome friend! I'm the current guild leader for War. Thanks Keero for giving the heads up on the details.

The guild is pretty small but there are one or two regulars and a handful of intermittent playing members. Most of the people who play in the guild have invite privs on atleast one of their chars/alts so you can do a '/who redeemed' to see if any are on for an invite.

I can definitely log in and send you an invite if you send me a timeframe when you are playing and your characters' names. But alas, I can only play games at unpredictable times. I try to make myself very reachable, however, via online means as I am almost always on my laptop or blackberry. Check the contact details thread for my connection info.

Our hope is that war will pick up as soon as these other new mmo fads die down and mythic/EA continues to improve the game. They have a new beginner tutorial system for newbies and an /advisor chat to make the game even more fun to start out playing.

Have a fun and a blessed time!