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Here's A Few Little Bits Of Info About The Changes Currently Happening!

Server is still running 1.13 however 1.14 users are now able to join. Please note that 1.14 clients may experience a "Sending too many packets" error and will be kicked, just rejoin and you will be fine.

We're now running CMI which adds a whole plethora of features, whether or not most of these feature will be added depends on how the server handles it. If there is a feature you want, make a thread and talk about which ones you'd like to see!

BannerBoard will be somewhat open to all Members of ToJ, this allows you to have custom banners out of maps, choose any image you like, send it to me via discord (RaySoul#3124) along with saying you want it in-game. An example can be found below.

PlayerParticles has been available for members and up for quite some time but it's still being worked on, everyone will has properly managed access to it in the near future, the permissions are a bit finicky. If you need help, ask an admin on the server.

GChestShop has been fully incorporated into the server and for SkyBlock users you may finally rejoice at having a shop on the server to get certain blocks that were meant to be available to you.

Have any plugins or features you want on the server? Reply to this thread with them and they'll be considered as an addition! The server has recently gained a boost in power allowing us to do even more.

DiscordID: RaySoul#3124
CGA Forum:

BannerBoard Example: