The "What Did you Get for Christmas 2006" Thread

Here's what I got;

19" Optiquest Q19wb monitor
Boondock Saint's T Shirt
'Cowbell' T Shirt
Family Guy Pajamas
Victorinox Swiss Army Knife
X-Men CD-ROM Comic Book Library
"Weird Al" Yankovic: Straight Outta Lynwood
Under Siege
Die Hard 2: Die Harder
Saturday Night Live The Best Of: Christopher Walken
Pirates of the Caribbean 2: Dead Man's Chest (2-Disc Special Edition)
Action Double Feature: Above the Law and Hard to Kill
Action Double Feature: Cobra and Tango & Cash
Perfect Dark Zero (Limited Collector's Edition)
Marvel Heroes 1:64 Die-Cast Cars Pack of 5
Marvel Heroes 1:64 Die-Cast Car (Punisher)
Family Guy Brian Key chain
Family Guy Stewie Lip Balm

That's all from my dad and step-mom, I'll get even more from my Grandparents and my mom.

My dad and step-mom are cooking Christmas dinner, and I'll be going to my moms on Wednesday for the rest of Christmas break.
Wow Phantom, nice collection sets.

Official presents:

G15 Gaming Keyboard
Winter Socks
Winter Boots

and others I can't remember since I brought them for myself. ;)

Un-official presents (and braging rights):

Heroes V: Hammers Of Fate
We Were Soldiers
The Matrix
The Rundown
Die Hard: The Ultimate Collection
Three Kings
Batman Begins
Patlabor: The Movie
Patlabor 2: The Movie

Though, I was hoping to get the others:

Red Planet
Event Horizon
The Last Starfighter
Universal Soldier
Universal Soldier: The Return
Robot Jox
i got
satsuma orange,
a cougar sweatshirt,
carhartt shirts
$85 from grandparents
several books.

was fun, i enjoyed it
Rome: Total war (ka-CHING! Awesome game!!
30 dollar Wal-Mart gift card (R: TW Barbarian invasion anyone?)
Nacho Libre
Lego Star Wars (I, not II)
Sansa m200 (I think) 2gig mp3 player
Sansa m200 series case and accessories
Napoleon Dynamite talking keychain :D
Countless chocolate-related items :D :D
25 dollars in cash
Shotgun sling
Napoleon Dynamite Calendar
Some nice fishing lures
Bull's Eye candy (the caramel around a creme center things)
Jeans, 2 pair
City of Heroes
computer screwdriver set
chocolate-covered espresso beans
pen with built-in laser pointer and LED flashlight
cash for Improve Laptop Fund

Geek Logik book
Man's Search For Meaning book by Viktor Frankl
Pocket quad-ruled Moleskine notebook
Kel got a Shocking Elemental Sword of Something (can't remember and not at home right now to look it up).


I can't believe I got all this stuff...

My incomplete list:

Lego Mindstorms NXT
Piano keyboard (Yamaha E303)
Rayman: Raving Rabbids for Wii
It's Time by Michael Bublé
Best of 1980-1990 by U2
Beethoven's Last Night by Trans-Siberian Orchestra
SimCity 4 (deluxe)
Praise Habit by David Crowder (book)
Guitar stand
+ ~$125 cash and $50 Best Buy gift card

GameCube games:

Super Mario Sunshine (used to have it)
Mario Kart Double Dash!! (I used to have this too...)
Metroid Prime
Metroid Prime II
Lego Star Wars II
The best thing i got for christmas was the reminder o what God had to do in oder to give us our Saviour.

I had a very god christmas in terms of it was much more relaxed than most Christmases(due to us not traveling anywhere..<G>)

materially I got:
a craftsman retractable drop light(great for my basement work)
A craftsman shop vac(i really needed this)
replacement undergarments(i'm not going into detail..just standard stuff)
I got the battle of midway and Enemy down below on dvd's.
A cooldaddy deep fryer.

The one thing for Christmas i got that wasn't pleasant was a client server crash. However i deferred that until today(since i told them i am not working on Christmas eve or Christmas day.)
My brother, funny guy that he is, got me the three Burger King games-- Sneak King, Pocket Bike Racer, and the bumper cars one. As a non-joke, he also got me FIFA 06 for the 360. My sister got me NHL 07, which I'm going to exchange for 2k7 first chance I get.

Sister-in-law gave me the strategy guide for FFXII. That's it for video game related gifts.

I also received the assorted allotment of ugly shirts, pants that don't fit, and the required undergarment quota. And a karaoke machine, which my son will enjoy greatly.
i didnt get much because my parents are matchign the money i save to get me a car but everything, including the early christmas presents i got a month or so back

350+$ or so not sure exactly

256mb e-geforce fx 5500 graphics card, which doesnt fit into my cpu T.T, so were hoping to be able to trade it in for one that DOES fit into my cpu

the usual shirts, no pants this year

a ton of candy mostly sour (ftw!)

a far side off-the-wall calendar

a large yankee candle pinnaple citrus candle

and out of the moeny i got im keeping 50 goign to buy some 20$ speakers for my cpu since mine barley work and maybe a mouse or keyboard idk

and last but not least, i got english/japanese bible, new testament onry, pretty cool speically when i cna read jp see how the differ, its split, half of one page is english the other half is jp so you can read it in either language.
This is what I got from my granparents and my mom;

Die Hard 3: Die Hard With a Vengance
Final Fantasy XII
Dead Rising
The Punisher: Extended Cut
Punisher T-Shirt
Punisher Movie Poster
"Jesus Is My Guild Leader" T-Shirt
"BFG" T-Shirt
The Color of Magic by Terry Pratchett
The Light Fantastic by Terry Pratchett
Ark Angle by Anthony Horowitz
Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks
World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War by Max Brooks
Holy Presents, Batman!!

I celebrated the birth of our Savior, at a wonderful, music filled worship service and was honored to run the media for our Christmas Eve Service.

I spent time with family, home from distant places.

oh and I received money (50), some nice lambswool lined slippers(Hey I live in Minnesota!!) the DVD "White Christmas", a book or two, a nice socket set and drill bit set.
Plus I got to see the expressions on my two son's faces when they opened their presents.
So other then having this cast on my leg and trying to get around on crutches it was a wonderful Christmas!!
My wife and I bought each other a Nintendo Wii, an extra Wii Remote, an extra Wii nunchuck add-on, and Rayman: Raving Rabbids on Nov. 17 and have been playing with our shiny new toys since.

My wife and my in-laws bought me a very nice leather, weatherproof winter coat.

I also received...
  • Western Digital 160GB Passport External USB 2.0 drive
  • $50 cash
  • Nintendo Wii Classic Controller
  • Hand-crank flashlight
  • Hand-crank radio
  • Slipper socks
  • A nice, warm, gray long-sleeve shirt
As soon as Nintendo releases Super Mario World on the Wii Virtual Console, I'll be buying that as a Christmas present for myself. :D

I didn't count it as a Christmas present, but I did recently buy myself a used Playstation 2 as well.
well babo and I got all kinds of cool kitchen stuff since we didn't really have much of that kind of stuff.....we got a griddle, egg thingys, a huge spatula, another pan with a spatula a big mixing bowl, wooden spoons, cup cake pans and liners, cookie sheets.........we also got some christmas ornaments and slippers....

about a month ago we bought ourselves a couch.....but we didn't spend nearly as much as we had saved to spend on a couch.......

so this morning, after following the fed ex man to the nearest best buy and waiting around best buy for nearly two hours I got a wii....who is actually going to be out at noon on a Thursday? it's weird how they get their shipments and when sometimes..........but anyways babo and I are now the proud owners of a nintendo wii....
I got:

- Long-sleeve shirt
- Another Long-sleeve shirt
- A Toboggan
- A new razor
- Shaving gel
- $100 cash

My work gave me a $140 giftcard for Wal-Mart. I used it and the $100 to buy myself a 30GIG Ipod.

Gifts I gave this Christmas:

- Nothing cause I'm super broke. :(
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