The Eye

Void Reaver is not too complicated a fight, as far as game mechanics goes. I believe we are drawing up plans to do this boss in the near future.
As you can imagine as we progress thru Karazhan things get more complex not easier for raiding.

The officers are currently praying thru how to organize our next steps.

It actually seems the two 25 mans Gruul's Lair and Mag are our next two steps.

So we are still progressing.
Dunno if anyone actually remembers me - just thought I would throw in a few thoughts for old times sake :)

From what I have read you guys have cleared Kara and are questioning doing two separate Grull groups.

Heres the deal with Void Reaver. VR is by far the easiest encounters in the "upper divisions" in raiding. So much so that some people call him Loot reaver. :p

Basically the way his fight works is that you tank him in the middle and he randomly kicks away a tank and de-aggros him so you need at least 3 tanks.
For casters its basically like a game of dodgeball. At random times VR will launch sparks on a certain player based on where s/he is standing. That player and everyone else around him/her needs to get out of tthat spot, then move back in when the AE is cleared. The tricky part is knowing who's around you and where to dodge. If you will its similar to Princes fight in the fact that you have to be watching the infernals, judge where they will land, and move based on that.

VR is a great encounter in that it really challenges the communication and positioning of your raid. If you don't already, I highly recommends everyone who raids to download Deadly Boss Mod which will help you significantly during VR and many other fights.

Good luck all :)