The Dota2 Chapter!

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Tribe of Judah Dota2 Chapter Leader
Welcome everyone to the Dota 2 chapter forum!

This will be a place for discussion, gatherings, fellowship, and anything else you can think of relating to Dota2!

Playing the game
Firstly, you will need a steam account and the steam client which can be created and downloaded here.

Once you have to client downloaded and have signed in, you need to go to the Dota2 store page either by:
  1. Searching for "Dota2" in the search box (upper right)
  2. Pasting in this link and clicking on install/play now which will install the game on your computer (through steam)

    Then you launch the game from the steam client!

    If anyone needs further assistance then please pm me.

Useful links
Dota2 Blog (also directs from
ToJ website
To Him be the glory and praise!
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