TF2: Professor Speks Strangifier Giveaway

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Giving away Five (5) Professor Speks Strangifiers.

- No Scammer tag
- No Vac-banned
- Must have Steam and TF2 installed.
- Joined CGA forum before Dec. 2013

How to enter
- Post here with ur Steam Name/ID

Winners will be randomly selected, notified on private message and added on Steam.

This giveaway ends Wednesday Feb. 19th 2013.

This giveaway is specifically for CGA forum only, Gerbil.
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The Mighty Gerbil

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Corps it's great to see some TF2 love but you may wish to give longer than to February 17th. I'm just thinking we may not have have a lot of CGA TF2 inclined people check these forums in two days. If you give to the 19th you could tout your giveaway on Toj TF2 Tuesday and be assured people know.

Maybe you don't want to go through all that trouble, IDK, just an idea. I could also post a steam announcement if you wish but up to you, tell me if you do.

It seems slightly unfair for me to enter so I don't know if I will or won't. In my leadership capacity I'm always on the forums = advantage if you don't get 5 people. If you get several entries I'll probably go ahead and enter though.
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Thanks but my specs are already strange. Good luck tho.

I second what Gerbil is saying tho. I gave away free games and couldn't get most people to participate. TF2 specific items probably won't generate much participation. Especially with such a short window. Again, Good luck tho!
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