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Hey Guys, I have a bunch of talent points for my lvl 21 warrior and for my lvl 12 warlock that i have not spent yet. I don't really understand how to spend them. for example, do I focus on one area, such as affliction for my warlock, or do i spread them out over the other three areas. I've also heard people say that a fury warrior is a good road to go down. so do i neglect the other areas, such as defense, and just focus on fury, for example? If anyone could shed some light on this subject it would be really nice cause I'm still new to the game and have no clue what's going on.
I moved this to the "guide" forums. These are good questions, hopefully a warlock and a warrior happen by to answer them for you.
I'm not a pro but you want to try and get atleast 30 talent points into one of your 3 trees (in some trees the 31 talent point isn't really interesting, in others its amazing). So pick a tree that you like and enjoy then keep putting points into it till theres 30/31 then pick a second one or split the rest of the points between the other two trees. Once you hit 60 you'll know enough of your class and talents that you'll have a desired build, so save respec costs till you are 55+ and know how you want your talents to be for a long times (each respec gets expensive). Another thing is to read the forums for various builds for your classes and what your interests are. For example a pvp oriented warrior putting 31 points into protections isnt the best choice.