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Whats it look like these days? i played it for a few months after release. I mainly quit because the community quit. Whats it look like now? Good steady pop or still pretty dead?
Well...everything is a matter of perspective. When things were tough and frustrating in T4 during the beginning times, I started playing my lowbies and enjoyed the parts of the game that were still fun. Many people were discouraged regarding the end-game and didn't want to continue because the end-game was very difficult, buggy, or they didnt have a spiced up computer and blazingly fast Internet.

I gave a brief update in the previous posting but the game has changed a bit since the beginning. I was one of the people who didn't RvR for very long without getting bored but now that there are more organized war band leaders, it really isn't so bad.

So let me point out some good and bad experiences so it can help give a better perspective of where I see the game at right now.

The goods:
Land of the Dead: It's pretty fun for lowbies! People have had some time to try out different gear items from the merchants and there is a lot of incentive to go there to farm items, power leveling and a very popular airship repeatable quest.

More Order premades: This means that even if you are at the mercy of pugs like I have been, there is a good chance that in any scenario during primetime, that you will be accompanied by an order premade to make things easier.

Free Trial Players: unlimited play means you will virtually always find players to play with in tier 1. Around the clock even. I was playing on destro the other day at like 7am in the morning with scenarios and a BO group even.

Stability: I've witnessed very few problems with the servers. The game really doesn't crash for me. Ironically though, they had a server outtage today but it wasn't related to the game but something is disconnected somewhere in Internet land.

Zone flips and City Sieges: a revamped system for zone locking and city sieging means a lot more opportunities to land some great gear and see some of the later game content. I've been on maybe a dozen city sieges as well as one king siege already with an *improperly* warded character but it was real fun to be out there and see destro's king.
The bads:
Elitist Groups and Premades: Yes, I listed the premades as a 'good' but sometimes they can be not-so-good. There are a few elitist guilds out there that will run the airship PQ by themselves before you can get there. In premades, there are a few very good statted healers out there that will not rez you if you die and about half of those won't even toss you a heal. It can be frustrating sometimes but if destro is running a premade, they will win the scenario.

Our Guild: I hate to put this under the bad category but we don't have enough people to run a 6 man lair group or have our own scenario premades. Sometimes I really wish some people would come back so I can enjoy the game more with other christians but there's always a new game release out there or some person talking about another mmo (nothing wrong with it objectively speaking)...etc. By all means, if you come back and play, I will be there and there are two other guild members so you won't be alone. Also, people tend to have the sheep mentality. So if you come back and are having a lot of fun, it could inspire others to follow!

Gear: As Avesther mentioned, you will feel a bit undergeared for awhile. I have two characters wearing partial conqueror sets and one has full conqueror. Even with that, I still am considered a step down from what many people's mains have today. Many mains are wearing invader gear. You need to be Realm Rank 55 to wear all the invader gear. My highest RR is 47 (I think) and the first invader gear can be worn at RR 50 so I don't feel too far behind. However, getting to RR 50 is probably pretty easy if you concentrate on one character. I have four 40s right now and I jump around from character to character and it slows me down a lot. Overall, I know that I'm outgeared but I try to compensate by squeezing whatever I can out of my chars via talismans or liniment potions and spec experimentation. Overall, you can still play your character and make a contribution. It just isn't going to be easy sometimes when destro comes at you wearing their super powerful equipment.
So...I hope that helps you gain a better perspective of where things are at.

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I'm really considering it, Zeb. Played LOTRO for the last month, and as fun as it can be, I'm still looking for a class that resembled the Engineer. As buggy or "not that pretty" as WAR was (at least on high graphics :p) the class mechanics were incredibly solid. I miss my turret, the fun RVR, and my Archmage who twirled his staff like a helicopter for big heals. After playing a few WH40k: Dawn of War 2 matches with buddies this last week, I'm willing to dive back into the WH universe. I'll get back to you in about 2 weeks (after midterms) though. :)
Good luck on those midterms...or should I say...God give you wisdom and self-control to study hard!
Still behind on a history class (last midterm to do), I'm aiming for at least Sunday or Monday to resub.