Wow what a message I received today, the message of selflessness.

As I drove home I stopped by a soda shop and ordered a old fashioned root beer float from the the help behind the counter. As I goof off with my ice cream ball in my root beer thinking of the fullness of selflessness and going blurp blurp with the ice cream ball in my root beer a old fellow walked in and suddenly no one else was in the room but him and I. Ah, I turn myself so not to notice him but sure enough he asks me if I would buy him a drink.

I look around and there is no help. Hmm selflessness selflessness I would I replied but no help to prepare it so why don't you have mine(sadness because no more blurp blurp). As the old booger is blurpin with what was my ice cream ball he asked what I was afraid of. Oh Lord why would he ask that? I replied why nothing of course I have Jesus within me. Deeper, he asked deeper than the protection of Jesus. Huh like who is this guy asking me questions?

Selflessness slim be a witness I say to myself.Hmm I would say the power of God yeah thats what I am afraid of. Why he asks? It is pure and from the father he replies. Oh I say to myself kids gloves off and time for a full blown witness. Its the spirit he gives within oneself I say. Huh he replies clarify please as he slurps the rootbeer and blurps the ice cream.

I reply the spirit is so powerful that I can't control it kinda like driving a fast fast car with no hands yet at the same time feeling the highest of emotions.Explain emotions he says. Hmm think slim think Ok Ok its like a happy crying yet at the same time its feels like your heart is being scubbed with a wire brush.He chuckles and says maybe your feeling your heart being shaped just like a diamond so it lets more light in so as to let more sparkle out. Wow just Wow such insight from a old guy blurping on my past soda for its almost gone. Yes I replied that sounds plausible.

Hehehe I think to myself more like on the money. On earth as in heaven slim he says and thank you for the soda. Not a problem I replied and as I get up to leave with a different feeling within myself I Say old man keep your eyes On Jesus for he is the way to God. He replies I will and here let me help you with that as I was turning to leave and I felt a tug upon my shoulders and when I turned around there was this old guy holding a nasty yellowish looking raincoat and he looked like he was offering it to me. Why thank you no, the sun is wonderful today and no clouds in the sky why would I need that. He replies Slim, the raincoat keeps the rain out but what if if you took it off then it would let the rain in.

But before I could say a thing he says Let it be done on earth as in heaven and Gods light works the same way as the rain on earth for I did not offer this coat but removed it. As I left the building everything seemed clearer more clarified Hmmm SAY SHINE LIKE HAHAHAHA A SUPERSTAR
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Sry song in my head and it saying ANGELS are watching over me.:D Thank you for in my eyes its so improved.