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So I had to download a patch today, which has no notes. Apparently I get to consume all that bandwidth for the single skin released today.... and an interactive comic book which is nothing but a huge advertisement for it. They sure went all-out trying to sell a skin. I guess they do need to make money, but this is one of the things that annoys me about this pricing model.

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I'm getting this update currently. I'm not a huge proponent of this either, however, as you stated when you get into free to play games this is going to happen.

Currently, I've donated to the cause a couple times for some of my main champs. Aether Wing Kayle was a big one for me, so I like to see some of the other champs get some love in the way of skins. I do think however they could have at least put it in with a patch instead of making it its own update. Give us a heads up so we know there is something "big" coming.


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Riot have made several announcements that this skin update was coming and informed us that it was going to be coming with the last patch. But due to stability issues in the actual game client they told users that the skin was not going to be in the patch because it was more important to put their resources on fixing the game play issues but would be releasing the skin as soon as they could manage it.