Someone backed into my car while it was parked

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So, I finish up an e-mail reply this morning and head out to my car to go to McDonalds and get some lunch. I step outside and notice a Dodge truck parked especially close to my car. Upon further inspection, the bumper of the truck is in my car. My gorgeous, black, 1997 Nissan Maxima SE. My beautiful, beautiful car.

So, I call Ember. She comes over with the digital camera. I take pictures. I then notice that there is a man inside the vehicle. I saw him sit up, take a drink out of a bottle, and sit back down. No lie. This all really happened.

I then call the police, they come out, and I go inside. A little later, an officer came in and asked some standard questions. The guy in the truck is now in the backseat of a police car and...that's as far as we've gotten so far. More information to follow.
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So the police didn't arrest the guy. No, I'm sad to say, I'm not joking. This is real. They said that since they didn't catch him behind the wheel, they couldn't arrest him. I don't even know if they verified whether he was sober yet or not. gg citizen protectors.

The good news (that I just received) is that the drunkard does have insurance which will, I'm assuming, cover the entire cost of repairs to my car. That's far more convenient than taking legal action against him. ^^

So, things seem to be going as well as can be expected. It certainly could have been far worse.

I was originally planning on driving my car to Springfield and then to Tulsa for the break, but now that won't be possible (unless a repair shop can fix my car in two days, which simply doesn't happen). Ember also lost two hours to the incident which she could have been using to study. I lost about four hours (between the incident, the police visit, and the phone calls) that I needed to spend packing to move tomorrow. (I move all my stuff minus my bed to Ember's apartment tomorrow, then we leave Friday.) The day, in short, was ruined.

Please keep me in your prayers as this ordeal continues.
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You're in my prayers, Tek....

But hey, less upset frowning-ness and more smiley happiness. You're about to get married, boy!

Who cares about a car? =]
It does sound like the enemy is getting nervous about this union. Two people who love and want to serve the LORD united in one flesh.
Our prayers are with you guys.
If you want to go in a Maxima, so be it! His insurance company is financially obligated to provide you with either a car, or the cash you would have needed to obtain transportation while yours is being repaired.
That sucks, Tek...Yea i have seen those cars before, beautiful, just beautiful! Yes I will keep you in my prayers!
Update: I'm now back in St. Louis and Progressive (insurance company of Mr. Drunkie McStupid) sent me a meager check for repairs. I bring my car to a local body shop tomorrow. Fortunately, the shop will work directly will Progressive if the repairs require additional fundage.

So, everything is working out. The shop estimated three days for repair. In the meantime, I'll have a rental from Enterprise, courtesy of Progressive's fat wallet.

I'll be reporting the news on this strange incident happens.
Was he drunk?
If so even if you have no keys or the car isn't started you can still be arrested.
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Quote[/b] ([]phantom @ Jan. 10 2005,12:45)]Was he drunk?
Well, he backed into my car, parked his truck, and fell asleep in the backseat. He was either in an altered state of consciousness or just amazingly stupid. Jury's out on that one.

Oh, and I also saw him sit up in the backseat, take a drink out of a bottle, and lay back down before the police showed up. Unfortunately, I don't believe the police gave him any sort of sobriety test before he pulled out. So, for all I know, he could've have been pickled when he pulled away from my car. Dunno.
Update: I brought my car in for repair tonight and drove my rental car home.

Does Progressive really think $22 a day will cover renting a car equivalent to a Nissan Maxima? Madness, I tell you. Madness. So now I'm cruising around town in a Pontiac Sunfire until my car gets repaired. Complete and utter yuck.

While I hope they take the time necessary to make my car as shiny as its pre-drunk-fender-smash state, I also hope they do it speedily.

*takes a deep breath* But, on the positive side, I am more grateful for my Maxima than ever. Trust me.
Wanna know something funny?  My dad's car was in for routine repairs so he got a rental car.  The license plate on the rental car read; HLP911.  
Sorry. Got my car back now. Everything's groovy, but I've been a bit preoccupied and just got the keyboard to type up the rest of the story.

So. Three days after I dropped my car off for repair, the body shop called and told me it was ready. I was thrilled, of course. I dropped off the rental, the nice people at Enterprise drove me to the body shop (which is conveniently about half a mile down the road), I picked up my car, and I took my wife out to lunch.

I was all psyched about getting my car back when...the steering wheel started shaking violently. I finished out the ride to the restaurant (which was, by the way, mediocre), drove back to the body shop, and waited for approximately an hour while the mechanics worked on my car.

Since the shop had replaced the right front wheel and tire, they figured re-balancing the tires would do the trick. And, while it helped, the shaking persisted. Grr.

So. Called the body shop. Told them it didn't fix the problem. Called Progressive, left a message saying my car needed more work, "please advise." Waited.

Got a call the next day from Progressive. They said to go ahead and bring it back to the shop and they'll work out the costs with the shop. So I did. Bad news: I had to go another weekend without driving my car.

I drop the car off Monday. They work on it. Tuesday morning comes, I get a call from the shop saying my car is ready. Groovy. I go to pick it up and, just out of curiosity, I ask what exactly caused the trouble. Realize these are experience mechanics; I assumed it would take something out-of-the-ordinary to perplex them for a few days.

Now, this is where it gets weird. I'm talking like, "This cannot happen in real space-time without destroying like a million alternate universes" weird.

The guy tells me that the new wheel they put on my car was, like almost all replacements, a recondition wheel. Thing is, it was defective. When they balanced the tired in the shop, everything seemed cool. But when they bolted it to the car, there was a slight defect in the wheel that would cause the shaking--thus presenting a puzzling problem.

At this point, I'm thinking that this must be an odd occurrence. So I ask him how often this happens.

He says that in the twenty years that he's worked on cars, he has never seen this happen before. I almost burst into laughter right there. I mean, let's think about this:

A drunk man backs into my car, parks the car, and goes to sleep in the backseat. The police arrive, wake him up, and let him go his merry stupored way. The odds? Like, one in a few million.

The first defective wheel a mechanic has seen in his twenty years of experience ends up on my car, replacing the wheel that aforementioned drunk damaged with his truck. The odds? One in a few billion, at least.

Bizarre. Truly bizarre.

Anyway. Point of the story is, God is good. Even when all the forces of hell conspire to keep me from driving, God protects me and gives me favor with man.

I've got my car back now and it is wonderful to drive again. And my experience driving a Pontiac Sunfire will assure that I never--and I mean never--view my car as anything but a blessing from my parents (they payed well over half the cost) and, of course, from God.

So, all's well that ends well. Hope you all enjoyed my story and thank you for all the prayers that saw me through safely and sanely.

Good night and God bless. ^^
The theme from Twilight Zone comes to mind, but then...Romans 8:28!

Do we ever get wedding pics? hmm, maybe they're hiding in the Gordan Freeman thread...