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Soon I will be back in the MMO gaming world. It's been a long 7-month deployment and I've missed me some PC gaming. :) Right now, both EVE Online and LotRO appeal greatly to me so I'd like to get some current info about this. I've followed LotRO since nearly the beginning so I'm plenty familiar with what the game was supposed to end up like, it's just specifics that I'd like to know regarding my play-style.

1. Do we have an active chapter?

2. Do we have any other casual players who can only play three nights a week and a weekend night, or something of the sort?

3. How accessible is the game for solo play?

4. Are pick-up groups hard to find? And is the pick-up group interface for finding companions detailed at all?

My worst fear is that seeing 1000 hobbits with rainbow-colored hair running around typing things in L33T will turn me off to my beloved Tolkien fandom. I want to experience the virtual Middle-earth without having it ruined. I'm not saying I need to roleplay, but I'd need to with others who took it seriously. This can be very tough in a MMO format to find.

Any info you can all give would be great.

Bill, if you're playing this, shoot me a PM because that might sway my decision. ;)


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I've been playing for a little over a week now... I gotta say, i love it. I'm a fan of tolkien lore, this game really brings you in. Now to answer some of your questions.

1. No we don't have an active chapter.

2. I play pretty casually. I might fit in about 40 minutes a day, and a few hours on saturday (If i'm not busy)

3. There is ALOT of solo content, the epic questline will require a helping hand from time to time, but most of it so far for me has been solo (Although, i am only level 11.)

4. They have a easy interface for finding groups. I have yet to use it.

5. So far for me eveyone i have come into contact with respects the game. I'm very big on this also, i just love the atmosphere. i have a 10 day free trial that came with my copy of the game. If you would like to give it a try, just PM me.


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Aaron!! Long time no chat! Hey I am playing on the Arkenstone server, I have a 28 minstrel - Mirakle.

Ill send you a PM with my thoughts on the game later today if possible.