Simple games for an older generation


Tribe of Judah Guild Wars Chapter Leader
What are some games that might appeal to the older generations? I know we have quite a few members that might fit this category, but I'm mainly talking about retired, 75+, mind slowing down, old.

My grandfather is getting a little stir crazy at home and when I was first getting into games and he was much younger, we both played Close Combat: A Bridge Too Far and he really enjoyed that. Now that he's slowed down a lot more and getting quite bored, he's asked for the game back to play, but I'm afraid he might find it more difficult to play than he remembers. Of course he's never going to understand the game in whole, nor be exceptionally good at it, but he grew up as a child during World War II and I'm hoping it's simple enough for him to be able to play.

What are some other games that might be suited in this scenario? Games that are both engaging (more than solitaire) yet not complicated like WoW/CoD/etc. Bonus points for historical games as well.
My grandmother enjoys bowling on the Wii (Wii Sports or Wii Resort) it gets them active.
The Wii is a good game for the mature adults a lot of retirement facilities use them to help their clients stay active. If he doesn't have any physical limitations it might be a good choice. Not only does it have bowling, the resort games, but there's a wide range of games. He should (or you) be able to find several games which will grab his interest.
Don't sell Hearts short, it can also be played online with others. Even just played alone trying to beat a cheating computer is interesting. My mother as old as she is is asking for some of the old puzzle games like Myst back.