Seeking volunteer for Assistant Forums Administrator & Server Operator position


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Cross-post from CGA General Discussion:
Lloren, CGA's Forums Administrator & Server Operator, occasionally has to travel for work. During those times, he's often unable to manage the forums or the CGA dedicated server.

That's why I putting the call out for a volunteer to fill in for him when he's unavailable and maybe take on some of the workload for projects where two heads might be better than one.

I'm looking for someone with serious technical know-how. Most CGA staff positions don't have this requirement, but this role is different in that it deals with complex technical issues and, unfortunately, we don't have the time we'd like for training. General understanding of Linux servers, SFTP, SSH, and all the other acronyms you'd expect to read in the context of a dedicated server is crucial to this role.

If you're interested, please send me and cgdoc519, CGA's Staff Manager, a brief private message expressing your interest.

Please feel free to send a link to this thread to any other Christians who you think would be good candidates for this role.

As with all staff positions, including President, this is an unpaid volunteer position.