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Mirawyn and I have gotten into Second Life in the past year, and this past week I made a Christian light roleplaying tavern. It's actually pretty cool, and the whole area that it's in is Christian, so you wouldn't have anything bad going on around there. We're having a grand opening this afternoon at 6:30pm Eastern/3:30 Pacific, and what's even more scary is that I'm going to try and DJ live (so be nice!).

Second Life is a 3D virtual reality world where everything is made by the members in it. My username is Roswenthe Aluveaux, and if you message me, I'll send you some stuff to help you get started.

This is the SLURL to the tavern (open in new window or tab). If you click on it while Second Life is running, a teleport window will pop up and click Teleport to jump right to the tavern. of Hope/94/136/23/?title=The Last Chance Tavern
Second Life? Doesn't that mean I have to have a life to start with?

I've wondered about second life myself because I like creating things and the possibility of making a little money while playing a game is great. I know you have to own land to be able to buy and sell right? Can you really make any money in it?

Also Second Life has a rep for being able to do a lot of stuff right? So just ahem, hypothetically speaking, could a player build a giant robot, an army of henchmen, rain terror and annoyance down on the populace and then demand to be declared the first emperor of all of Second Life? Could the Gerbil's dreams of world domination finally come true in Second Life O.O!?! Really I am only half kidding. I wouldn't be a griever to any one who didn't want to play along. It's just going on a rampage until a plucky band of heroes stops me sounds fun for everyone :D I only do Batman 60's era TV evil BTW :p.

Don't expect me to show up any time soon though because I have a lot of other stuff to do first.
You don't have to own anything or have a premium account to build, rent, and sell stuff. You can do all of that with a free account.

And yes, if you've got the skills, you can build and script just about anything you can think of....
They have free accounts? I thought SL cost money? At least that's they way they make it appear when I've gone to the website.
Yes, they have free accounts. And you can still earn money in game without paying for it. It's not always easy, but it's possible.
I used to play it and I did so for about 2 months. I eventually got tired of it. I wasn't that great at building anything (I did manage to fashion a top hat though) and I wasn't keen on spending real money for fake in-game money. So, I don't know. I guess some people could really get into it though.
I have an avatar in Second Life as well, Tianar Pow (or was it Tian pow?) lol. anyhow, I don't play him often. I've gotten fairly good at building in Second Life, if anyone is on there, look me up! :)
I created an account there. Took my dude through the orientation island and he's now on the help island. Flying is cool! I don't know how often I'll play him. Character's name is Daniel Lockhart ... I think. lol