Rules and Conduct of Game Play

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Tribe of Judah Ages of Empires Series chapter

Rules and Conduct of Game Play

1. All players will promote and maintain the conduct of a Tribe of Judah member.
2. Members may leave the game at any point in time.
  • a. Upon leaving a game before it is over, a member must do a few things if possible.
  • 1a. If a market buiding is available and built (I.E. Second age), distribute all resources amungst allied players if any, up to player to distrube how much to what allies)
  • 2a. Any military units are to be sent into battle (if location is known) to inflict the maximum damage.
  • 3a. All buildings/walls/towers to be left intact (maximum defensive power).
3. In game Taunts can and may be used, But not over used, Yes they are funny, but can get quite annoying to other players.
4. Players may trade and market items and goods to other players (team or not) freely.
5. Players may ask for goods from players (dont do this too much, as it can get annoying)

This thread will be continually updated as new rules are established.
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