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Both recently came out with new CDs! I don't have either yet, but I really want both of them. About Roper: I loved Five Iron Frenzy, and Brave Saint Saturn, Reese's voice is very good, I like the song Amplify, you can check out clips and stuff at . About Relient K: Truly hardcore music fans hate them, but I have a lot of music, and I like them alot! They're one of the bands that got me into music! I doubt this CD can top the awesomeness that is Anatomy of Tounge in Cheek, but from what I've heard mmhmm is gonna be pretty darn cool ! Oh yeah, anybody ever heard of Disciple? That's another band that I listened to when I first got into music. Well, they recently played a show here in El Paso (wow, that never happens), and I'd say they are a very satisfactory live band! Oh, and I'd like to mention a few other christian bands now, Every New Day: (pretty cool), Showbread: crazy weird, but I like them!, Calibretto 13:, they used to be a really good band, then they went to a secular label, and then proceeded to break up
they will be missed., Flatfoot 56: I like them, but you probably won't, they take some getting used to. Oh, and I'd like to bring up Craigs Brother again, I can't stop listening to them! They're just so good!
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I like Relient K.

That one song you just gives me a headache after a while

But it's a good song otherwise.

I like "Sleepwalking" by Blindside. Good stuff.
i love BLINDSIDE!!! w00t !!!! pitiful is still my favorite by them tho!!! sleepwalking is up there tho
OK, I got both CDs I mentioned in the title, and I'll write up some quick mini reviews:
Relient K - mmhmm: Very very good, I'd say it's probably their best CD, but I still like Anatomy of Tounge in Cheek more because it's one of my first CDs. All the songs on this CD are serious, there's hardly any of that goofy humor that RK fans have come to expect from them, but the songs on this CD are amazing. In direct relation to the seriousness, the songs are also alot more mature than songs on previous CDs. Memorable songs on the disc are Be My Escape, High of 75, I So Hate Consequences (my fav), More Than Useless, and Who I Am Hates Who I've Been.

Roper - Brace Yourself For The Mediocre: Well, after I first listened to this CD, I came feeling like this CD really didn't live up to my expectations, but it's grown on me a little as most CDs do after a few listens. Alot of the songs have some very cheesy elements to them, cliche lines like "All Right" and "Oh Yeah". I really can't help but compare them with Five Iron Frenzy and Brave Saint Saturn since Reese Roper is the lead singer in all 3 of these bands. I would say this CD just doesn't live up to the music put out by the other two bands. Memorable songs are Hello Lamewads, You're With Stupid, Amplify (my fav), Say Sayonora, How Your Halo Fell, and In Excelsis Deo. One of the worst songs on the CD in my opinion is Red Eye To Miami, check out the dingees and then listen to this song and you'll see how poor of quality it is .:D