Requests for officer or guild leader help (including guild invite requests)


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Please post all requests for officers or guild leaders (e.g. requesting a guild invite, asking for a guild invite for a new alt, asking for promotion from Inactive to Active, etc.) to this thread.

If requesting a guild invite, please post the following:

Your handle as it appears on the Tribe of Judah roster. This will be the handle you entered when submitting your ToJ membership application.
Names of all characters for whom you are requesting invites. Please designate your main.
Your BattleTag (optional). You can read more about BattleTags, including how to find your BattleTag, on the BattleTag FAQ
Days and times when you usually play WoW. Guild invites must be sent while a character is online.


ToJ handle: Tek7
Characters: Ulfbrikt (main), Hevel, Atless, Ketzal, Cadell
BattleTag: Tek#1359
Play days/times: Mon., Wed., Fri., Sat. after 8:30 p.m. Central
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