Religious Discussion Forum Rules - Pls read and sign


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Agreed. :)

Didn't see this before I posted...

Genesis1315 said:
I have come up with some new rules for religious discussions that I am hoping will get everyone on track with posting in a civil and conscientious manner. Please bear in mind that this is a Christian forum and a majority of the posts will reflect that.

1. Respect fellow members that post in these forums. We are all human beings regardless of age or beliefs.
2. Carefully choose your words. Typing does not covey the same emotions as talking. The use of all capital letters will be considered shouting. Please do not use it with the exception of abbreviations.
3. Name calling is not allowed. Arguments and discussions can be attacked, people cannot.
4. Agree to disagree if needed.
5. Posts are to remain civil.
6. ToS or rules violations will result in a temporary posting ban. Severe violations will be dealt with more harshly.

Please read these rules and post a reply conveying that you have read and will agree to abide by these rules. If I find regular members of the forums posting without a response in here, I will delete their posts and ban them from the forum. Please also keep in mind that the ToS is still in effect. The link to the ToS has been left. I would like to encourage everyone to re-read it to be sure they are familiar with the terms.

If there are any questions on these rules, please PM me directly. While I am not locking this thread so that everyone can respond to the request to post a response conveying that the rules have been read, there is no room for discussion on these.



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I, Corpfox (Julien), has read and signed of the Religious Discussions Forum Rules.

Though, I hope can you look over my posts and see if they are good or bad.


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I agree to this, and I apologise for posting here without having agreed to this previously. I was already involved in a topic when it was moved and I was unaware that there were additional rules for this area which didn't exist in the others. I think that in the future threads which are moved should have some sort of notification that they're now in an area where we must agree to something else before posting.