Recruiting text strawman


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Love to hear everyone's thoughts:

<Redeemed> is recruiting! If you are redeemed and looking for a guild home to live out your faith while exploring the worlds of Azeroth and Draenor, raiding the Iron Horde or fighting the Horde - come join Redeemed! Please visit!
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That's good Leth. Just prepared in that some ppl might start saying we are a christian guild and say some bad stuff about us and/or christianity. We do have some history on our server, I would like to think most think well of us, but I'm sure there are others that don't like us very much. If u can ignore them or deal with them in a positive way, then go for it. :)
I believe that we absolutely have to recruit if we're going to grow as a guild. If there are Christians out there who want a guild with like minded people then they should know we're here.