Recommended podcasts/sermon downloads?


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As a field tech, I spend a fair amount of time on the road. I've been listening to sermons from Alistair Begg downloaded from the Truth for Life web site, but I'm also looking for sermons from other solid teachers.

I'm also ALSO looking for podcasts on other topics as well.

Any recommendations?


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Love Worth Finding by Adrian Rogers #1 best ever!!!!!!

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I listen to Ben Shapiro occasionally. Certainly not a sermon but it might fit for "other topics".

I don't really like the part of the Conservative culture that laughs at Liberals because the mainstream media is full of Liberals doing it to Conservatives and I'm not fond of it done to me. Being a jerk back to jerks shouldn't be a Christian thing. Yes it appeals to your base and gets you views because Conservatives are justifiably angry but we need to actually change opponent's minds to save them or this country. Unprincipled insults are counter productive to actually converting anyone. Shapiro will still laugh at Liberal absurdity but he articulates logical, principled reasons for his views. Calling stupidity stupidity is fine but prove it is don't just use the word like a derogatory insult. I'd never expect liberals to listen to his show but Conservatives can at least be more informed and prepared to debate Liberals from listening. Even when I disagree with Shapiro I can still respect him because his arguments aren't coming from an emotional reason-less perspective. Though I agree with him quite often especially when a lot of his reasons are things I've already concluded :p .

Note: Shapiro's podcast does have ads so you will have to skip them. Oh and you don't actually have to subscribe that's for the video, the podcast version is free.
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