Raiding Thunder Bluff


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I was looking at how to get honor points. I saw that killing racial leaders gives large amounts of CP's. Has anyone heard how difficult it would be to raid Thunder Bluff? I figure this would be the "softest" target.
I tried in a pickup group once. The biggest problem with city raiding is keeping the element of suprise. Lots of people, once in a large city raid go and try to solo the raid, basically sounding the alarm.

And with city raids, everybody must know how to get to the racial leader, or they will get lost and disoreinted.

Thunderbluff is probably the softest target.
It can be done if we're sneaking....kite him to secluded area and just zerg him to death. Best time would be when less people are online. We could also kite him to Theramore and let the guards take him :)

Just remember that only the level 60's should be attacking targets first. We don't want a repeat of the DKs we got on the Stonetalon raid due to Gamor and I both having "PVP Enabled" on people that were PVP Enabled for us, but not for the entire group. I wish they would fix it so when you group with a high-level it removes the tag unless they're enabled for your entire group. The way they have it now is bad programming.

Afterward we should grill some steaks. :cool:
Ive heard that Cairne will actually follow you out of the city once aggroed, so all you would have to to is pull him out of TB, wait for his guards to back off, then get him :p
since TB is so easy, i hear they are installing mounted machine guns to mow us down as try to get off the elevator....but thats not confirmed yet. i think i got it from
Odale said:
Why dont we all go to Cenarius and make a battle plan with our horde characters.

Yes, yes, we can use the Mustard Seed Conspiracy to conspire to take down Cairne.