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Hello Everyone,

With TotCrusader and now the recent release of Icecrown Citadel, there has been a lot of discussion in game (and on the forums) about raiding, groups, etc. As a current RL I wanted to say a few things. As most of you know, the primary reason for the existence of The Forgiven Guild is that we are a fellowship of believers seeking solace in the "world" of WoW. We are not a raiding guild but we have plenty of members who enjoy raiding. A Raiding Guild determine's your toons spec, enchants, raiding schedule, uses DKP, etc. Also, despite the fact that our current Raid Leaders are officers such raids are often not official guild events.

I have a limited evening raiding schedule that I have worked out with my wife which essentially allows for two evening raids per week. I wished I had more time and could lead another raid, but that is not feasible. :( My current ICC 10 man group is full and I'm sorry to say has no openings at this time. I am using the built-in WoW calendar to schedule my raid, but it's an invite system (for those of you who said you don't see any events on the calendar). I am considering posting an alternate/sub sign-up sheet as many of you have expressed interest in joining us.

Jason (Dragost/Jermayan) has posted a thread and is starting another raid group. :) This is great news and from what I've read there are about 10-12 people who have expressed interest in joining him. I'd love to see another raid group storm through TotCrusader and make their way into ICC! We have the toons for it and with winter being upon us there are usually plenty of people online.

What can YOU do to be raid ready? (Again, we are not a raiding guild - this is just advice... ;) ). Run the daily random heroic and start grinding Emblems of Frost. 50 - 60 of them will get you a really nice piece of iLvl 264 gear which will last you a looong time. Those Emblems of Triumph drop like candy now and snagging your Tier 9 gear, rings, etc. is a good idear. Lastly, the new ICC five man dungeons drop some really nice purple shinies too. They're not too hard, but Heroic Halls of Reflection is a bit of a challenge. (BTW you can do this solo or better yet group up with guildies first.)

OK, so I am geared - now what?
  • Check out boss fight strategies on sites like They'll give you great insight on how to defeat those nasty raid bosses.
  • You've got the gear. Is it enchanted, gemmed? Ask a fellow guildie or officer for assistance on gem slots/bonuses and proper enchants if you are unsure.
  • Is your gear repaired for the start of the raid?
  • Do you have flasks & food appropriate to your class?
  • Do you have Teamspeak installed?
  • WoW Mods? For raiding I recommend Deadly Boss Mods, Omen (threat meter), Recount (for YOUR DPS/Healing, etc.) I would recommend those for a MINIMUM. (I also use GRID, Hunter Announcer, Atlas Loot...).
  • Are you available? Please let your raid leader know your schedule and let them know if you can't make a raid. Also, try to be online 15min before your scheduled raid start time.
Thanks for reading my wall of text. :)

This guild has been a blessing and source of joy for me. I think Adam and Anita have a GREAT thing here which is proven out by The Forgiven celebrating five years as a guild. Please hit me up in-game or send me a PM with any questions or concerns.


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Hey Bob, thanks for the post. I look forward to your run every Friday. Although we have had a lot of wipes with ICC its been a blast doing it. Keep up the great work!


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Nice post :) Remember as well there is a ton of information within the guild as well so if anyone has questions on mods or different specs for there characters ask in guild chat or ask any of our guildies :)

I know that when I have tried different specs or mods I have gotten info/advice from others that helped me :)


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There is also some excellent information on builds and tactics for all classes on the Elitist Jerks forum.
Wiki for Talent Builds
Class Forums

These guys spend an incredible amount of time crunching numbers and testing different builds. They have done a lot of work so that you don't have to. Some great information here.


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those looking for help can always ask for advice in the guild, I am sure if someone on doesnt know the class, they will say talk to a certain person. Yes I know warriors and mages mainly but i have planned other classes just not as well.


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I can teach u the old smash all buttons at once style and hope to hold aggro :D or not get aggro if u not tank, this doesnt work well when I am not tanking lol

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Bob, I'd like to (with your permission and that of the other officers) make an edited version of your OP and then whine until an Admin stickies it. I'd like to make an edited version because this one is rather specific to the here and now, and I'd like to make one that's a bit more generalized.