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Valve recently made some changes to how quickplay (the find me a game quickly button) works and made them mandatory in TF2 a couple weeks ago. While it was broken I think I have it working again (hopefully it was working before correctly too who knows XD ). However in the process I reread the quickplay page and...

Certain server modifications are allowed for servers listed on the server browser and in the general server population, but not in quickplay. If your server has any of these modifications, it is incumbent on you to ensure that your server is not in the quickplay pool. The easiest way to remove your server from quickplay is to set tf_server_identity_disable_quickplay to 1. Any server in the quickplay pool found to be using these modifications will be considered malicious and banned.

The only ones that could possibly apply to us are...

Giving or selling gameplay advantage to players
Running non-default game modes: prop hunt, dodgeball, etc

Honestly the first never happens but if it's late, there are mainly regulars on the server and people aren't playing seriously we've messed with admin commands for the fun of all. I'd never allow it if people weren't having fun with it but it's probably best just to make sure only regulars are there when we do it from now on.

As far as the second we run some weird modes occasionally. All this means is I'll try to make an effort to turn quickplay off when we do via tf_server_identity_disable_quickplay 1 .

I'm not that concerned considering quickplay isn't going to be the bulk of our customers but feel admins should at least know Valve's rules and not run Source mod things with quickplay on. If you do I'm not going to stress over it though. I don't expect a change in the game night since I do most of the stuff anyway and I'm not going to be sucking the fun out to beg for a couple quickplay randoms, just FYI'ing.

Here is a CSGO thread on their situation https://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?t=279854 (warning cussing therein). Apparently it can read what commands are used. I understand the "messing with your items" bans but how extreme they will be on TF2 remains to be seen.

I get Valve considers those who use quickplay to be newbies who need to be coddled and can't fathom the concept of "custom servers" but I disagree completely. Rather than dumb things down and force feed people things effort should be made to educate and empower the individual to make intelligent choices. Sure the server browser is harder to use than quickplay but it's not rocket science and if you can't make it work I don't see how you aren't a punching bag in game already.
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It is time to leave Tf2 and switch to Tf3 (Overwatch) :)

Ewoks are trolls no wonder the Empire wanted to wipe them out, who knew :p :) .

Overwatch looks alright, and I may get it eventually, but it lacks core elements that have kept our TF2 group alive so long.