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Just found out my uncle (he's like a 2nd father to me) collapsed tonight. My father was able to resuscitate him, but they are on the way to the local hospital and we know nothing as to what or why he's having problems. Please pray that God helps my uncle though this and pray for my father, his mother, and my uncle's other 2 brothers and 1 sister have strength though this.


Also praising God that your father had the knowledge and clarity to resuscitate your uncle. I have to imagine it's difficult to stay calm in a situation like that.
Whon may I post an announcement on Steam pointing to this thread? I know some Toj that play together do not frequent the forums and would not see this thread otherwise. Just trying to get more people praying.
Thank you all for your prayers, God's hand was most definitely on my uncle. Here's a bit of an update.

My uncle was out at my parents home visiting like he typically does. He didn't feel all that well and decided to go home. He lives with my Grandmother (Thank God!) and she started questioning him about what was wrong. My Grandmother, being a retired nursing home head nurse, asked the right questions and got him to admit to having chest pains and a numbness in his left arm. He asked for her to call my father over and before my father got to the car she called a second time saying that my uncle had collapse and hit his head on the floor.

My father raced across town and found my grandmother doing CPR on my uncle and proceeded to relieve her and starting doing chest compressions. I later found out my grandmother and my father had both called 911, and she was able to get an aspirin in to my uncle before my father arrived. My father was able to get a pulse back on my uncle, but the EMTs/Paramedics had to shock him twice at the home and two more times on the way to the hospital. (we live in a small town 45 miles away from the hospital)

He's now out of the critical care unit and if all goes well should come home Friday or Saturday. They said that this was a typical "widow-maker" heart attack. So I am very happy and proud that my grandmother and father were able to save my uncles life. My father is still shaking today over what he saw that night and what he had to do.

Now I just hope my uncle reconnects his love with the Lord again. He's been battling his faith ever since his only daughter died in a car accident in 1999. So, I pray that he will one day get to hold her again in Heaven.

Thanks again for all the support.

edit: MG your more then welcome to if you like, though at this time, I believe my family is out of our darkness. It could be good to direct others to our prayer request/praise forum though...
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Praise God!

Praying your uncle draws close to God. I've never understood why when people lose their loved one they abandon the only chance of seeing them again. Necessity should draw you closer it doesn't make sense :( .
After reading this, I feel compelled to say three things:
  1. Praise God your uncle is alive and getting better!
  2. I'll be praying this incident helps your uncle draw closer to the Lord.
  3. Your family is awesome. Seriously. You all make me want to go sign up for EMT training right now.