Prayer team members?

Tek7 (Legacy)

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Litsafalda: I was wondering, is there a page or forum thread with a list of prayer team members? If not, would you mind typing one up and posting it? I'd love to help get this team a little more active and perhaps add a few new members as well.
I sent one out to you hmmm maybe Nov or Oct through email. It was titled here's the team. In addition to a couple of people that I have already recruited, I have a few more people I want to add myself but have not been able to get all of that accomplished. As I had sent you previously, I have been a bit overwhelmed. (Some very personal, some church related, and just some things driving me crazy.) I have quite a few things I still want to get more settled...... prayer team, bible study, lydias, and especially convention. We have a few people interested in each of these. Also right before the "Anniversary" it will be the national day of prayer so I am hoping to get that going as well. I will have a few hours over the next couple of days so hopefully I can get more of what I want done. I strongly believe in God's timing in all things and it seems to me that each project I start working on works when He is ready for it not when I want to push it more. I hope this answers most of your questions and any prayer members who want to add to this please feel free to do so.
if i can remember right

these are all people that have posted in here i believe since the begining some may be gone/inactive or whatever hope that helps peter
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loj you are a bit behind in whos on the team and not. And who's actually doing the work. That is why I sent Tek and email awhile back. In addition I will be adding to it.
i know litsa i dont know who all is current and not i just posted all the people who I know have been in here and should still have access.