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First off thank you for the invite to the Forgiven Guild . I'm having a lot of fun with the guild so far and love the social atmosphere.

I have a prayer request regarding music. Almost 3 years ago when I became a Christian. I felt the desire to start playing a musical instrument and then bought a guitar.
but since than I feel my venture with music hasn't exactly worked out for the better . I tried online learning with two video websites and my experience with it was less than satisfactory.
than I tried with books and self teach myself and that didn't work out .

I started wondering if the desire to start playing music came from God or was it a desire that I conjured up myself. You see I had the hopes of becoming a musician and that's why I went down this trek
but again I don't know if this was something God wanted me to pursue. long story short I honestly don't know . Sometimes I feel I'm so consumed with music and the reality is I never had a desire before even one that i felt was a good godly one before my encounter with Jesus.

There has been some good moments I've had through music. I was able to write a few songs , learned some basic chords and despite the constant setbacks I still really enjoy singing music and playing with others.

So I'm asking for prayer to discern if it's worth continuing with music . Yes I very much like music and I want to worship God through it . But sometimes I feel like I'm doing the wrong thing. Some Christians have told me that the holy spirit will give us new burning desires. But me only being a christian for 3 years and not far in my walk with Christ, sometimes gives me doubts about new desires.
My girlfriend has really been encouraging me to seek those private lessons and take rcm examinations , but for me that would be considering makeing music a serious thing and I'm trying to find where is God in all this.
I want to be sure this is the right thing


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Praying for ya.

You may want to post this in the general prayer request forum, as many others will see it as well.

I would say though, don't look at "3 years" and think you're still too young. Look at Paul, he was instantly changed.