prayer needed


Need prayers for my son Anthony who is also an LoE member.
He was rushed to the hospital this morning with a swollen up face..later discovered he was having kidney failure.
At this point they are running lots of tests to find out what is attacking his kidneys.
Could be strep virus,lupus or a few other things.
Also pray for those around us where I have one change of clothes to last at least 3 more days


Prayed for healing, wisdom for the Doctors and comfort for you and your family. Update us when you can.


They suspect a strep virus that caused his immune system to attack the compliments in his kidneys which caused his face to swell from unprocessed fluids,his body to reject protein and severe high blood pressure.
They got his levels down for now and sent us home.
Dr's in the am and a follow up with the kidney specialist by Friday.
He's not out of the woods yet but he is getting better slowly.

And thanks everyone!!!


An update is long overdue,
My son's levels in his kidneys are close to normal and the blood in his urine is getting less and only can be seen under a microscope.
They did an ultrasound on his kidneys and found no abnormalities or anything that could be a problem.
His kidneys are a little smaller than normal
(In the 5th percentile) but not to a point of causing any problems.
He hasn't been in game for a while cause I grounded him for fighting in school.
I toyed with the idea of dressing him up as a charr but as a Christian I can't do the public humiliation thing lol.

Once again I would like to thank you all for your prayers!!!
And most of all thank God for keeping his hand over my son and keeping me and my wife from going crazy.

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Honestly I prayed back then but had forgotten by now, there are just so many people to pray for :/ .

Regardless I am happy to hear he is doing well, thanks for the update :) .


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Thanks for the update. At least ya didn't threaten to dress him like a Sylvari.