Pray for me and my family, please.


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Hey guys. Please pray for me and my family. We're moving from West Monroe to Sachse, TX. (Suburb of Dallas.) It's such a big move, as my mom hasn't moved in 32 years and my dad has never moved from this town. WM has a population of 52,000 and Dallas is well over 1 million. We've found times where we've just broke down in tears. It's been so stressful since I'm from a family of 4 kids and my dad's been working in Dallas for 7 weeks straight now. He's staying in a hotel, so having to pay for the hotel weekly and then the mortgage of this house, and the mortgage of the new house, is crazy.

My mom is having to be both dad and mom, and we've been plagued by Satan ever since we decided to move. He's been bombarding us with financial problems, family problems and health problems. My dad is so tired at the end of every day that he skypes and then goes to bed and doesn't talk to my mom as much. My mom is really missing him.

We've been packing everyday this week like crazy. My grandma, mamaw and nana have been here helping us pack. It's crazy for my mom. She needs the help but its crazy with everyone here everyday.

Dad's been coming home every weekend, and he's had problems with kidney stones and last weekend he was hit with another one. It's gone through this week and is still bugging him this weekend.

We have 3 pets and we have to get them all their annual shots, past and new and get our dog Missy fixed, which is another fee.We also have to get them a new pet carrier and get them ready for the move.

My uncle just got out of jail the 19th and has been coming here randomly about every day or every other day to visit us until he finds a job or something to do. He has a bad history of diabetes, and is having problems with blood sugar now. He came over one night feeling horrible and his blood sugar was down at 41. He ate a Hershey's cookie and cream bar and then alot of candy corn and almost a gallon of milk and cereal. He's feeling better, but his eyes have been glassy and he's been stumbling. He went into jail for drug abuse and other things, so we pray to God that he's not doing it again.

That was two nights ago. Last night he felt bad again, and went and stayed at my nana's. He talked to my aunt on the phone and then immediately after he stumbled and collapsed, falling off the stairs.

He uses the type of blood pressure medicine my dad had problems with, but it didn't affect my dad until after 2 or 3 weeks. It affected Uncle Raymond after 2 days.

He also wanted to come with us to Dallas, but after him feeling so bad two nights in a row, we don't think it'd be a good idea. We feel bad cause he was so excited, but we don't want him driving that long.

None of us want to leave family, so that's been really hard. We really don't want to leave church either, cause Christ Church has blessed us with so many things. We're looking for churches, but most of the stuff is Baptist and Catholic, and we're Non-Denominational.

The neighborhood we are moving into is a nice neighborhood named Woodbridge, ( with a championship par-72 18-hole golf course, 5 pools, 6 trails and a handful of splash parks.

That's one of the blessings in this storm. We're praying that God will help us with this, and that this is what He wants us to do. We're trying to keep him as our main goal. We know that if Satan is attacking us this much, Dallas must really be the place for us to go.

Thank y'all for listening to this, and I apologize for the rant.

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Wow, I know how hard moving a big family can be. I'll be praying for sure.


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Thanks guys. We got here on Sunday. Just got wi-fi today. thank God!!

The move is actually going pretty good. Really enjoying the area we are at. We're in Sachse, Tx. It's a neighboring city of Garland, Wylie & Murphy. Only about 17 miles northeast of Plano.

Thanks for all the prayers. I know that's helped us with it big time.

Will be back on WoW soon!