Post your the sizes of your media folders.


I Think I have close to a gig of music hidden around my computer and another two gig's of movies and short funny videos I have found. I have close to fifty GB of games installed on my computer at any time.
The other day I was on wow and then someone asked me to jump on diablo 2 to hold a game for them and then had to jump on the cs server to do some admining, and for kicks I started up wc3, yet all the games were still playable, I really like having lots of ram.


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Windows Movie Maker 2 is actually pretty decent, for a freebie for us XP users.  It is amazing what is in there that isn't in some of the programs you pay for.  And for a few extra bucks, I added hundreds of additional transition and video effects.

I also use Ulead Videostudio 8.  I found it to be extremely well rounded with advanced features and had the most comprehensive set of features around.  Including the abiltiy to convert DV version 1 to version 2 file types (which is needed because most of the new camcorders use version 2 and Windows Movie Maker saves in version 1.  This causes alot of headaches when trying to move the edited video back to the camera.)

I also have Roxio Videowave from my purchase of Easy Media Creator 7, blah.  Not impressed with it.


I've used Adobe Premiere Pro, I tell ya, I LOVED IT. Amazing flexibility, and so professional. The feature set is next to none. But the price of $700 US is way out of my league.