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Greetings, all. This message is addressed primarily to the following people:

Rizz, LionOfJudah, Exo-slayer, and Bowser

This message can, if so desired, also apply to:

kraniac, Metalblessing, Mad Chengman, Eltolad, and Eagle

While we have cancelled the original plans for the 2004 Christian Gamers Alliance in Tulsa, Oklahoma, we would still like to gather with as many Christian gamers as are willing to visit this weekend. Elihu and I brainstormed a tentative agenda for the weekend last night and will continue refining that plan throughout the day. Please stay tuned to this thread for updates.

If you are on this list and would like to come hang out with us for any part of the upcoming weekend, please e-mail elihu AT cgalliance DOT org and tek7 AT cgalliance DOT org as soon as possible. If you have my or Elihu's phone number, please call us right after sending your e-mail.

If you are not on this list and would still like to visit Tulsa, Oklahoma to fellowship with us this weekend, send an e-mail to the aforementioned addresses.

Yes, we are "winging" it, but we anticipate this weekend will still be loads of fun. I'm looking forward to it!

Tek7 (Legacy)

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Okay, time for an update. Here's the tentative schedule for Saturday:

11:00 AM - Meet for brunch, location to be announced.
12:00 PM - Go to StrikeNet. (Click here for map.) LAN party will last from 12PM to 6PM
6:00 PM - Go to dinner, location to be announced.
7:00 PM - Go to Celebration Station for game night. (Click here for map.)

And who knows where the fun will continue from there?

Tek7 (Legacy)

CGA & ToJ President
Alrighty, I'll go ahead and post the VERY rough draft of Sunday's schedule:

1. Worship service at Destiny Church, Church on the Move, or other church (to be selected by attendees)
2. Lunch
3. Paintball
4. Dinner
5. Fun and games at Eltolad's apartment clubhouse (complete with Dreamcast games on projection screen)

Further details and times pending!


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Indeed- a BIG screen projection television will be made available to all CGA members!  I will be hooking up my Dreamcast (the best system ever, to date -IMHO) so we can get some 4-player action going!  Between Tek and I, we have an extensive collection, but if you have any Dreamcast games, or you would like to bring your own system, simply let me know in advance (Saturday at the latest) so I can make accomidations.  

Any games left behind become property of Eltolad. ^_^ j/k

Feel free to contact me with any suggestions.  I believe we are aiming for 4-player games on the big screen, and I will be providing some fun classic, as well as unusual board games for everyone else.  If you have any you would like to bring, go ahead and bring them.  And with Tek making all those spiffy map links, I would feel left out if I didn't post one myself, so  here. I hope you like it. ^_^