Nintendo DS which-game?


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Hi, folks! I'm new to this fori, and have a question for those of you who are DS minded-
Is there a game of the platformer-adventure (or even rpg) type that uses the touch screen to it's max potential, as well as has nintendo wi-fi potential (without it being core to the gameplay, as I have to drive 25 minutes to the nearest wi-fi spot)? Not pokemon... thogh. Also, my sisters and little brother will be playing this game about as much as I will be playing it, so multi-profile-ability is another deal I'm kinda looking for.
I know it looks bad when a user's first post is a loaded question. I will become more involved, don't worry (I was actually praying to find some sort of community like this one online. The only other community I've been active in is the whole KoL sub-universe, and I quit that.)

Anyways, Deus Abençoe todos de vocês!