New Wii-ite

Abba San

Legacy of Elijah [LoE] - Proud Grandfather
Okay - we got a Wii at our house for Christmas. We are setting it up this afternoon. I may be 'Kind of a Big Deal' in Guild Wars - but I am the newbiest of newbs in Wii.

What are the codes for? Can you do Wii online like Guild Wars? Any advice as I begin? I was picturing playing tennis with my wife - and maybe Mario Brothers - but looking through here it looks like a lot more.
Yes, you can play online. The general codes allow you to send messages through the Wii message board off the main menu. Then, all the multiplayer games have individual codes that allow you to see who is online. Each game is a little bit different as far as how that works, but it should tell you in the manuals.

Wiki has a list of games that are Wi-Fi enabled. Getting onto my wireless network was really easy in settings.

There's also some accessories that are helpful. Animal Crossing can come with a Wii Speak, which allows you to use voice. I have a keyboard instead, but I am contemplating the Wii Speak. I'm not sure the room I have the Wii in will be really conducive to it, though.