new, still downloading game, anything i should know.


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I'm about 75% done, is there anything i should know about this. I also only have the trial and i was wondering the cost of the full if i enjoy this game?

Username is: GeneralHosanna
The game is free to play now. Purchase of account upgrades or subscription is entirely optional.

It's a good game. Follow the opening questlines and read the tutorials as you go. I've yet to run into anything that left me dumbfounded, and stuff you need is given to you or explained gradually. :)

When you choose a server to play on, choose Begeren Colony. That's where the action is.
Kendrik is a cyborg and never sleeps :p

Welcome to the game! Let us know your toon's name and we can send an invite to the guild if you create a character on the Republic side of Begeren Colony.
Alright got it, name is Hosanna

Your gonna have to guide me through the process though if thats alright
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Alright got it, name is Hosanna

Your gonna have to guide me through the process though if thats alright
Got you invited. Most of the game is pretty straightforward. NPC's with triangles have something for you to do. Don't feel like you have to do it all, or all the bonus quests that pop up. You do get exp, credits and gear, however (for most of it), so they're usually worth doing.

Feel free to ask for help in guild chat. Type /G for that. I recommend having a separate chat window for Guild. I combine my guild window with group/party chat.
Hey, glad to have you aboard Hosanna. What they said about is a good starting place, we can guide you in guild chat if you have any problems. The biggest problem I've been seeing are the noobs who don't bother reading the information the quest give you as an in game tutorial. Do your class quests that will keep you moving along through the zones and planets and will guide you through most of the basic information. Do some of the side quests. You don't have to do all of them, but they will keep your level progressing. There are folks who are just doing the class quests and getting 10 levels a head of themselves. Then they get mad that they can't take out the boss in the quest.