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Now that ICC is open more people are very interested in getting in and seeing new content. We currently have 1 guild group that has moved past TotC and into ICC. This group is pretty much set in their 10 members but we have a lot more than 10 people wanting to raid. I would be willing/able to lead another group 1 night a week. I don't raid Sunday, Monday Wed, but can be available any other night. If you are interested we would start in TotC. Please let me know if you want to be part of this group and what toon/role you would bring.

Dragost - Tank/DPS & Jermayan - Heal/DPS


I won't take a stable spot in place of someone else but if you need to fill a spot, one of my alts are available - Rueage / Zenoir


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I would LOVE to tank ToCr 10 with Guilo, and eventually move onto ICC10 once we've farmed ToCr 10 out and ppl have the significant upgrades needed.

I would be up for any of Tues/Thurs/Fri/Sat, although Tues can be problematic for me (least favorable of the above 4 days).

Anyways, please put me down, and thanks for starting it Jason.



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I can DPS on Weds or Tuesday nights for the next few months. I'm doing mid 3's for DPS in most heroics. I can do Friday or Sat except for the four weeks I am coaching B-ball. I could also OT. Def 554, Dodge 23.9, Parry 20.9, and Health is 29k unbuffed
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Is there any particular night that is better for you Mike.
If we do Saturday we can get a bit of mix from the other group if we need it, or we can do Tuesday and always start with a quick kill of the weekly raid boss


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i would offer up rhys as a tank only thing is that I can only go if mike's sunday night group falls apart as I am committed to that run firs and Haveo is way over geared for 10 man reg toc I cannot run friday and wednesday nights


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I'll have to get back into the groove at school pretty quick (I start back on Wednesday) but once that happens I'll be free. The only nights that don't work for me usually are Wednesday, Saturday, and sometimes Friday.

I would be coming on my DK and bring dps, as well as (hopefully) some tanking once my off set gets better!


I would be interested in taking my mage.

I'm not available Wednesday or Thursday nights, but the rest of the week is pretty open for me. I'd need to stop around 11 pm EST.


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K now correct me if I`m wrong but 11 pm EST is 9 PM server time right?? if thats the case I would want to start between 6:30 and 7. that gives us about 2 hours which is enough for a clear of ToC once we get good at it.

So far it looks like Saturday will be our day since 2 people have said its best for them. And Currently our line-op looks like this:

Jason (Jermayan/Dragost) - Tank/DPS/heals
Meaghan (Valoden) - DPS/heals
Eric (Guilo) - Tank
Mike (Angusog) - DPS
Trevor (Massada) - DPS/Tank
Akarot - DPS
Sheri (Ambryana) - DPS

Rhys not gonna count you atm since it looks like Mike is starting up his run again soon.

It looks like we're short a healer since I know Meaghan does better as DPS than healing. Adam if you wanna talk to your boss I could prob find room for both of you if you'd like to come :)


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It doesn't matter what night for me. I'll either bring Valoden or Lyea depending on the group make-up. Val can heal though if a healer is needed. Lyea does NOT heal....


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If the raid night is going to be Saturday then take me off of that roster, as that night doesn't work for me.


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Another update of the roster is as follows:

1. Jason (Jermayan/Dragost) - Tank/DPS/heals
2. Meaghan (Valoden) - DPS/heals
3. Eric (Guilo) - Tank
4. Mike (Angusog) - DPS
5. Trevor (Massada) - DPS/Tank
6. Sheri (Ambryana) - DPS
7. Chris (xofsirhc) - DPS
8. Charlsmartel - DPS
9. Tom (Dallben) - Healer
10. ????
Have one spot left, I would prefer a 3rd healer to fill that spot


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IF the run is Saturday's I won't be able to make it on weeks I coach Basketball. If there is someone who can be more consistent than me, give'em my spot. I'm more suited for weekday raids until bball season ends.