New Mumble Server


There's a new combined Mumble server. It has a SWTOR channel, but not one for CttL. I had logged into the "old" Mumble server and no one was on. Jake (tomfoolery_79) got on and mentioned the new server. It includes channels for Aion, WoW, GW and others.

Here's the info:
I sent a PM to Joshinator to add CttL to the SWTOR channel. I thought two channels would work for now, a general channel and officer's channel. If we get more active, we can add channels for each planet.

The new Mumble server is cool in that it's CGA-wide. No one is being forced to use the new Mumble server, but if they do, we'll see people online in most (if not all) of the various games and chapters that comprise CGA.
Just an update for those that don't check the rest of the forums. We are no longer using Mumble. CGA/ToJ is back to TeamSpeak3

TeamSpeak 3 Server Information

Join us on the Christian Gamers Alliance TeamSpeak 3 server for voice chat with other Christian gamers. You'll need to download and install the TeamSpeak 3 client first.

Our TS3 server address is Our server uses the default port (9987).

Server Rules

Real-time server info:
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