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I am in the market for a new gaming headset for my PC. Looking at the Logitech G35, but Amazon is sold out of the one at the sale price of $59, and the price jumps up to $99. I could just order it, and risk it not coming at all, but I have never ordered from Amazon with a sale price, when they are out of stock..

I have $100 in Amazon monies, and have prime, so no shipping costs.

Anyone recommend one? :)
I ordered Heart of the Swarm at $15 when Amazon was showing the item as out of stock. I received an e-mail the next day or the day after with shipping information that projected a December 3 release date.

Remember that you can cancel the Amazon order any time before it ships, so if that's the headset you really want, I'd recommend ordering it then canceling the order if you find a headset you like better or if you find a better price for the same headset.

Gotta admit, it's tempting to plunk down some more of my (rapidly dwindling) gift money, but a wired headset doesn't work very well for my setup (my gaming PC sits next to the entertainment center in the living room; I play games on a 46" HDTV from 10' away on my couch) and, based on what I've read, wireless audio technology hasn't matured to the point where I'm willing to spend coin on a wireless headset (though I do have wireless headphones that are decent enough for TF2sdays after my daughter goes to sleep).
I can whole-heartedly recommend the G35.

I've had two G35 head sets. The first one I dropped and one of the headphones snapped off almost 2 years in to owning them. I took a picture and sent it to Logitech's warranty department. They basically said "Yeah that's definitely broken and unusable." I had a new set (the ones I still have to this day) 2 weeks later at no charge because the warranty covered it.

I'll admit that the Logitech's G35s are expensive, but they're worth it. They easily replaced a whole speaker set while I lived at home with my parents where I couldn't have speakers for loud music.

Also no one has ever complained about my mic quality (and standalone mics and speakers, should you feel the need to use speakers, create loads of feedback). The G35s attached mic is ftw.
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Now that I know the G35 headset was $59, I can never pay more than that for it. :p

So it's time to either wait for a sale or (more likely) just pick a different headset, throw that on a wishlist, and wait for a price drop or sale.
Some days I'm amazed that you own anything at all Tek. :p

I dunno. I think that $89 is a great value for what you get. Not many headsets can adequately replace a full surround system (I went from a Logitech Z-5300 5.1 system to the G35s and the only thing the headset lacked was the physical boom of the bass). In a lot of ways they were superior for me because I could crank them all I wanted with no repercussions... except to my hearing. >_> I'm a sound snob, trust me. :D

Anyway, I wouldn't call $59 a great price, I'd call it a steal. $89 is still great value.

Edit: It's $89 and not $100. JUSAYIN'
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I personally use a Steelseries Siberia V2. Decent price, they're comfortable and sound great.

Plus, I had a problem with the mic on one a year ago. I contacted Steelseries to see if I was still under warranty. I had missed the warranty by 2 months but they still honored it and sent me a free headset!
I have a couple of buds that own the wireless version on the g35 and they complain that after a few hours of gaming thier ears start to hurt from the tightness and weight.