New forums-wide limit of 100 pages (1,000 posts) per thread

Tralse? My limit is hotdogs, hamburgers, steaks, and for someone special pepperoni.

The person below has watched Howdy Doody in it's prime early years.
Kinda true... but TV on DVD tends to be my favorite.

...dat anime. haha

The person below me hasn't watched .hack//Sign.
True. What the beans is that?

The person below me has watched at least 2 season's of Hogan's Heroes.
False - not a clue, never have watched much tv

The person below has tried roast groundhog.
True. About 5 so far.

The person below me is taking a few friends out for lunch at a nice restaurant today.
true/false - I volunteer on a semi regular basis when health allows

The person below thinks the old Max Fleisher Popeye cartoons are the best ones.
False, but only because I have no idea what you are talking about.

The person below me has played the Settlers of Catan.
Truth! The "I'll trade x for y" statements are easily confused with some people. For humor's sake, we implemented caveman speech last time I played. ("Me have ore. You have sheep. Trade?")

The person below me will be the one to come up with a new thread-filling game.

Its a reverse game! You must say something about the person above you!

For example:

The person above me has his own picture for an avatar.

Now whoever posts after me has to say something about me and so on.
The person above me ALSO has a picture of himself as his avatar.

Who'd'a thought we had a cat around here?!
The person above me must be a minimalist, there is very little information on his posts!

kendrik said:
Who'd'a thought we had a cat around here?!

I have this to say


Beware the cats!
The person above me chose a game that was less fun than the previous one >.>

I shalt therefore attempt to find a forum game that can keep the interest up. For the sake of spam. And for the sake of the Monty Python cast!

Would you rather?

Someone asks a would you rather question (Would you rather eat beef or bacon?), and another answers, and then asks another would you rather question.

Quite simple.

Would you rather continue playing Eskimo's game, or go to this game?
Alright, that's not eskimo's game. That was, in fact Odale's game. But it's false anyway.
Odale's had a better flow :p

The person below me still loves eskimo!