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OK now that Bled and I are on TS I decided to change my avatar so you all can see what the real me looks like. Not the best picture in the world as it was taken on my cell phone but it will do. Now I want to see pictures of you all so I can put a face with the voice lol. Have fun see ya in game.
Here's one that was taken a few years ago.

My friends and I are taking a trip across Texas into New Mexico to visit my grandparents. This is at Palo Duro Canyon, which is a popular site for Jeep Jamborees. It's also a state park, I believe.

Okay, there is me with the entire family. I do not have a microphone or headset. So, until Odale sends me one, I will not be on TS.

I am the tall one.
I know, but that can sorta freak me out....

Have you heard some of those voices? Or are those just the ones in my head?