New Archeage Guild for Calliel Server


New Member
Hey all,

Just want to let you know that I have recently formed a guild with a small number of people on Calliel Server - West ie Nuians side.
It is not strictly Christian, I am not even sure of the Faith or lack of it of those I formed the guild with. But several of us were looking for
a guild that is family friendly, ie no graphic language etc, and will respect others.. sadly we were having trouble finding that type of guild,
so we ended up forming one. I had been hesitant before to form one, not having the ability to set up a TS server etc., but it seems that God
had His own plans. One of the guys that helped me form the guild is setting up a TS server and web page, and the group was unanimous in
deciding I should be the leader. The Lord even gave me the Guild name, lol

So, if you are playing on Calliel as a Nuian (West), feel free to pst me in game - my toons there are Chayah and Adiya (Adiya is the leader)
Hope to see you in Game!!

Agape, Hugs & Prayers \0/ <3