Name & Describe my Unusual


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Posted on TF2 Steam forum:

Posting your name and description on the TF2 steam forum would be ideal.

Unboxed a Vivid Plasma Brotherhood of Arms and I don't have a creative mind to name it, so I'll give you a shot.

Not Eligible
- Scammers
- Vac Banned
- F2P (Free-2-Play)

Name and describe it. Nothing Offensive!

I'll give you; 1 Pink, 1 Lime, 1 Slate, 1 Olive, 1 Salmon and 1 Gentlemanns Pants.

If your creative enough to use a Starcraft theme, I'll double the paints.

Post it in this thread!

Proof of my inventory, unusual and paints:

Paints; pg 7-8
Unusual: pg 9

This Contest ends: July 20, 2013