Minecraft Xbox version


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Im not big on playing a lot, i do enjoy occasionally playing with a couple or people building stuff, the most i've ever played with is 4.
It would be a real pleasure to meet and play with other Christians

Thank you, God Bless
tricks of the trade, I've learned if anyone did not know this, in caverns/ caves, decently deep behind dirt and gravel there is usually another cave or useful ore!
well I used to host a world on the Xbox version for a website I was apart of but the main guy from the website quit playing and quit the website and he was the only one who had the info to pay for the website so I havnt hosted in a while. if I'm on ill be willing to host a world but I don't play much anymore.
I've been meaning to get back to Minecraft on Xbox. I don't have much time to play right now but I should have more time in the next couple months. Here's my GT: GenXer360