MERRY CHRISTMAS 2022! and post a Christmas song.

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In ye times past we've had threads for wishing people a Merry Christmas and a Happy new year. This time I thought we might post a Christmas song, or anything Christmassy, you like along with your Merry Christmas!

My Mom has played this song for many Christmases...

Happy Birthday Jesus! and have a Merry Christmas everyone!
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Last week my immediate family was trying to remember what gifts were given in the later parts of this song. This song makes me recall elementary school... interestingly, perhaps Thanksgiving and Christmas were celebrated at once? Regardless, blessings!

While they may not exactly what @The Mighty Gerbil had in mind, here are 4 classics from Oxhorn from yesteryear:

The 12 Days of Winter's Veil

We Three Dwarves

I Saw Three Rogues

And my personal favorite (and a yearly tradition to replay):

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like This Raid Isn't Going to Happen
Posting a bit late to this thread here, but that's part of the story I suppose.

We went through a particularly challenging Christmas experience, weathering through several days of brutal winter storm in a century-old farmhouse where the water pipes froze. Fortunately we didn't lose heat or electricity, though the stress that we might still lingered till the storm finally passed.

We all survived fine and made the best of things to celebrate Christmas anyway, though we didn't get water fixed till a couple days afterward.

I spent a lot of time through those days reciting the lyrics to God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen in the back of my head as an anti-anxiety measure, which is probably not how Christmas carols are meant to be used, but it was a way of staying connected to Jesus and keeping perspective about what's important.