Men's Forum Grand Opening

Strong Fortress

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The Men's Forum Grand opening will be Tues, Feb 27!

The title will be: David's Mighty Men: A Forum for Men Seeking God's Heart.

The requirements for joining are that you must be a male of at least 17 years of age interested in discussing issues that we as Christian Men are facing today.

Access will be granted by administration access. If interested in joining, please contact myself (Stong Fortress) or Allanon by PM. Also, you may post to this thread to request an invite. I will try to check it every day for the next few weeks. After that it would be quickest to PM one of us.

Once you have PM'd us, we will send you a copy of the Terms of Service to have you sign and return to set up the administration access.

I look foward to some great discussions!
Please send me an invite for opening day. :D
i would also like an invite

quick question: are stuff like the mens valentines plans or other stuff and other "important items?"
Dude, V-day was like 9 days ago. If you havent done anything by now, GEESH, you are in TROUBLE!

i left a card and a godiva mocha in her care then gave her a promise ring 2 days later on our anniversary, so im good :D
We can discuss how we as Christian men should treat our girlfriends/wives. We can also discuss appropriate Christian behavior. I am sure there are a lot of topics that can focus around that.
I am excited to be part of this group. I look forward to our discussions, both the intense ones and the fun ones. I hope and pray we can help each other grow as mighty men of God.