looking to party up


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as much of an xbox 360 gamer as i am i try to make time to play GW as it is one of the few games that work on my poor computer:( ive been playing it more and more often and so im lookng for ppl to play with

i have factions and nightfall, my main is a lvl 17 ranger/dervish
name Dj Morphosis i also use:the Rayderz lvl 5 assassin and King Edom lvl 4 warrior im still on Istan so idk if you can come back over there from the mainland


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look me up anytime. my main character is Lil Destoryer, yes the typo. the correct spelling is another person. i wont be on much this week or the next (exams *crosses fingers*) but after that i should be on for a little while. id be glad to help.


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Look up the characters in my sig, I'll probably be on "Jerry Ilter" tonight as I am trying to get to the desolation to cap Vow of Silence.


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If ya wanna work with the beginner island on NF, i have a Paragon and Dervish that need to get trhough there...
come to think of it....
my lv 20 ranger isn't much off the island either..
I'm only about 4 missions through Nightfall and just got to Kaineng City in Factions. I've been meaning to work my way through both campaigns. Look me up anytime, I'm always on Chadley Bradley.


Elader Arkon

Helped Tek test a thing
I'll also be on next week. Pyril is the primary, and I'm always up for NF or Factions if you need the help. I can usually be spotted online in the evening.
Otherwise I'm usually found doodling throughout GW in search of various titles/loot. :rolleyes: