List of Christian MMO Guilds


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I cannot seem to edit my original post, but our officer team has been updated:

Xivor (xivor.8754) - Guild Leader/WvW Driver
Jeduthun (jeduthun.3920) - Officer
azaleagrace.6157 - Officer
Aleron.6357 - Officer
johnny rocket.6974 - Officer
Mort.9203 - Officer
Sobaka (Sobaka.1987) - Officer
GodArmy (godarmy.4586) - Officer


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It is hard to compete with [FIRE], I am interested in joining them, however attempting to start up my own Christian guild on Blackgate in GW2. I would be interested to see what forming such a guild on Blackgate a T1 server. I have lead many guilds to include one that I disband in GW2, WoW, Rift, ESO, and other MMORPGS that would be irrelevant as these guilds do not exist any longer. As a student in seminary I am discern this to be a part of my calling in reaching out to others and bring people to Christ. If you would like to know more about my guild my name is Rob.9361 in game, you can also apply at our website Thank you for your time and God bless.


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I noticed there was not an active Christian guild for Elder Scrolls Online, so a bunch of buddies of mine and I created one.

The name is "Respawned" (Based on being a born-again gamer. I hope it seems catchy.) We are a mostly casual guild, that is brand new but aiming to get bigger. We aim to cover the basics of ESO (since there is no other Christian guild on ESO that I know of). We plan on offering PvE, PvP, and RP, as well as eventually a guild store.

We already have a guild house with a full stock of crafting stations, we have a Discord, and I am currently working on getting an Enjin website set up. While the website is not -quite- finished, the applications are ready. If you are interested in joining, complete an application at

If you want to contact me in-game (please do!) my username is @TaigaStrider. If you want to get in contact on Discord my contact address is TaigaStrider#8207.

This was something that God put in my heart to start, and I hope it has been an answer to a lot of prayers. For those of you on ESO looking for a guild that aims to honor God, stay true to Biblical values, and create an environment of fellowship and spiritual growth, that is our goal.


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Due to lack of interest, sadly, the in-game guild Respawned no longer exists. I also disabled the Enjin website, since there wasn't enough interest to warrant the monthly cost. We still have a server on Discord, though, and would be happy to hang out with you if you have an interest in us.


Sorry to hear your ESO guild disbanded. I tried ESO and played for a month or two when it launched, but just couldn't get into it.
100% of my MMO time is in Guild Wars 2 with the Chariot of Fire [FIRE] Christian guild. We have an Enjin website at
We use TeamSpeak for voice communications. We have a channel on the Northern Shiverpeaks TS server at We also use Discord but primarily for text communications outside of the game and Facebook for additional communication:
It's a really active GW2 guild. I play mostly World vs World, but members of the guild play a variety of styles within the game such as fractals, dungeons, story, PvP, etc.


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List of Christian World of Warcraft Guilds

This list contains all of the Christian guilds that CGA has been made aware of, and that contained at least one character above level 10 and who have gained at least one Guild Achievement Point since February 14, 2011. The "Guild Master" character information was gathered from WoW Armory, and the Realm type was gathered via WoWWiki. Guilds listed here may no longer be functioning, or may no longer be functioning as Christian guilds, but I really have no way of verifying either. ---Neirai the Forgiven

US Pacific PVE

US Pacific PVP
  • Ner'zhul [Alliance]: Disciple of Christ -- Guild Master: Lookah
  • Stonemaul [Alliance]: Child of Aslan -- Guild Master: Schmeea
  • Stonemaul [Alliance]: Redeemed (Tribe of Judah) -- Guild Master: Flamethrøwer

US Pacific Role-playing

US Mountain PVE

US Mountian PVP
  • Deathwing [Horder]: For The LORD -- Guild Master: Darkforce

US Mountain Role Playing PVP
  • Twisting Nether [Horde]: Esoterikos -- Guild Master: Lenithil

US Central PVE

US Eastern PVE


If you know of other guilds, please post the relevant information here.

Hi there, so....8 years later, is this still anywhere near active? Im looking for a Christian WoW guild.


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Update: Saints Crossing is still around on World of Warcraft, Feathermoon server. We're in our 13th year.

Since GuildPortal was closed down, we recently created a new page:

Also, I am looking for active Christian guilds to join as a member for the following:
Everquest II (Maj'Dul, Skyfire servers)
Everquest (Drinal, Erollisi Marr, Firona Vie servers)
World of Warships
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Narrow Path Alliance could use a few more raiders for 9pm to 12pm est on thurs and mon nights. Currently at heroic jana on this team. The other team has jana down. Probably mainly dps but needed. Raid team is called Redeemed.


New link for: Thunderhorn [Alliance]: Narrow Path -- Guild Master: Caricic: The website is

But all the activity is on discord now like most guilds.

Currently 6/8 heroic eternal palance. 8:30 to 10:30 est on thursday and monday.


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Moderator's note: I've unstuck this thread as most of the data in the lists is no longer current.


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Please add Saints to New World (
Covenant Faction, Region NA-East.

You can remove Saints from Star Trek Online and The Population (aka Repopulation)

Thank you.