Knight of Trinity Ranks

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Knight of the Trinity Ranks

Thanks too all you have helped with the ranks and put forth time and effort into them.

One thing that was passed on to me from the old leadership is Guild is about having fun and the People. More importantly As a Christian guild, we are about God's plan for His people.

So after much thought, seeking and prayer (I Will Still pray w/ current leadership) I believe that the guild will all have a say in their direction. But the core leadership will be the three ranks, a guild leader, two councilors and a group of elders to be determined by the number of People in the guild. The rest of the ranks will be award by Duties, Activeness, Leadership ability and Level in game.

This will be a ever evolving thing, I would like to make it as close to a Church/Knightly order as possible without taking the fun away from game play. So as soon as we get the new leadership in place ready to come out. I will post everything on our website and /or Here and link it according.

One thing I do wish to accomplish while I am here is keep current with knight arrivals and departures, events and information both useful in game and in real life.

If you ahve any ideas please email them to me at MontrezAnthony at hotmail DOT com

Thanks for your patience with this
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