Just a thought...

I noticed Stonemaul was listed as Medium population last time I checked. Not even a month ago, it was Low population. The suspicious part of me wonders if Blizzard adjusted the threshold for Low population numbers so fewer realms would be allowed as free migration destinations (thus decreasing the number of free transfers).
I noticed the same thing. Sure felt like a low population server.
All character services are half off this week.

Except guild transfers.

I moved my Druid (Eruorton) back to Cenarius. It's a HIGH population PVE server. Been active since launch. It's only $12.50, if anyone wants to join me there we can start a new Redeemed on a very well populated Pacific time server (so the time zone will still be the same) and with it being PVE it'll help those people who hate being ganked (like my wife)...
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