January 3

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Sometime soon I will be purchasing a companion guide for the One Year Bible program. This companion has several Q&As for each day's reading. I will be using these (in addition to anything myself or you come up with) as discussion points for the daily readings. Please don't be shy and feel free to post with whatever is on your mind. We're all here to learn from the Word together and we can learn from each other, too.

One portion of today's reading that really interested me was Genesis 6:4. It is said that the sons of Adam had intercourse with women and produced giants who were heroes and warriors. This seems very similar to Greek and Roman mythology. The people even lived for hundreds of years at this point in time. I wonder if this is where some of the mythological tales got their roots?

The Lord sure is forgiving now isn't He? Can you imagine being Noah and his family? He was the only one who God felt was worthy of life on this earth. God could so easily just snap his fingers and start over, yet he chose to forgive us and show us a way that we might still have eternal life with Him. So forgiving, so loving. And I'm so thankful for it.

Readings for January 3, 2006
Slice, thanks for posting this. I'm doing a read through the Bible in a year myself, so though I may not post each time, rest assured I'm following along.

Basically, the way the Nephilim were created was when fallen angels got together with human women, they were able to father half-men, half-angels. I have a feeling that there may actually be some truth to the "myth" of Hercules. There's also a theory out there that Goliath was a Nephilim as well.

All in all, the whole subject is a very interesting case study. Might the Nephilim be one of the reasons that God was so adamant about Israelites marrying only other Jews?